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We are Lot Eight. Creators of potentially the finest extra virgin and cold pressed fragrant olive oils.



Lot Eight is committed to sustainable practices, to honouring our natural environment and to the creation of natural products, sourcing the freshest of ingredients.


The essence of any dish lies in the quality and cleanness of the flavours of the ingredients used in its creation. Olive oil has been a cornerstone ingredient of many cuisines for centuries, adding subtle flavours that enhance the final dish. Great olive oils deliver a wide palate of fresh taste notes depending on their origins; where they are grown; when and where the olives are harvested; and how the oils are made. Quality olive oils will always taste clean, fresh, and pleasing to the mouth, complimenting rather than overpowering other ingredients in the dish.  

At Lot Eight, we strongly adhere to this fundamental definition of quality olive oils, whether they are drizzled to finish a dish or added while cooking. We seek to bring you the taste nature has produced in the growing season. The taste of our extra virgin olive oils varies from year to year reflecting the climatic conditions of the growing season, and we blend our oils to maintain the balance of taste.

In the creation of our cold pressed fragrant olive oils, we only use fresh raw ingredients introduced at the beginning of the oil making process. This way we can guarantee a full flavour palate in the finished product which does not diminish over time. 

At Lot Eight, the cook in the kitchen is our focus. We are passionate foodies and finding the next food flavour is always on our radar. As cooks ourselves, our philosophy extends from the care and attention we give to our oils to the packaging they are delivered in. Our bottles are elegant, practical and include a unique, built-in drip free pourer. We use dark glass to ensure there is no deterioration of the oil due to light. Combined, these add to the enjoyment of our oils and we are proud that our oils are used to create the perfect finish in great commercial and home kitchens in New Zealand and around the world.


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