Citrus Olive Oil

Citrus Olive Oil


A first in New Zealand, a blend created by our oil maker 5 years ago for chefs looking for real fruit flavours to finish seafood dishes with. This golden blend bursting with real citrus notes is created by milling fresh New Zealand citrus with this season’s Barnea olives. Often described as ‘lemon meringue pie’ this oil is superb in sweet or savory baking but also perfect as a finishing oil in salads and warm vegetable. Its use has no limitations.

Made famous by Chef Shaun Clouston, (Logan Brown) who made the first citrus olive oil ice-cream seen on a NZ menu. Made famous in New York by Chef Matt Lambert (Musket Room) with his divine flavour combination of  ‘creme fraiche ice cream, caviar and Lot Eight Citrus oil’.

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