Yuzu Olive Oil Suggestions


Yuzu is regarded as a tree of eternal youth and longevity, given that it can take up to two decades to fruit and is known to continue to bear fruit for more than 300 years. It is revered for its highly fragrant skin, which is used in a wide variety of Japanese cooking from Japanese custards to raw fish to a dipping sauce called Ponzu. It’s everyday uses include salad dressings and in particular the tangy mignonette, which can also be added raw seafood like oysters and fish. Add a teaspoon to smoothies and yogurt for that healthy start to the day, to avocado when making a salsa or as a topping for crostini and to soups for a citrusy zing. But these are just some of the suggestions, We recommend you experiment with this highly fragrant oil to create more wholesome goodness.

Matt Calder