Sweet Aromatic Olive Oil Suggestions


This sweet smelling delicate blend has been created with everything sweet in mind although it’s is equally perfect in savoury dishes. Think rice pudding, crème caramel, custards, sweet bread recipes and cakes. Mix 1/3 Lot eight Aromatic Oil to 2/3 quality fruit vinegar with a touch of honey to sweeten and drizzle over summer salads that include raspberries and strawberries. Make smoothies or mix with a good quality runny honey and drizzle over St Agur or gorgonzola cheese and serve with Spanish tortas, lady fingers or sweet oat biscuits as a dessert alternative with a good NZ ‘sticky’. Warm some seedless raspberry jam, add Aromatic Oil and raspberry vinegar and serve warm over pork, cold sliced ham off the bone, or lamb fillets. Serve on a salad using fresh raspberries and mint as garnish. Drizzle a little over a really good vanilla Ice-cream and serve in a champagne saucer with raspberries or strawberries, rosewater scented shortbread and sugared Rose petals.

Matt Calder