Launching Lot Eight Chefs Blend


A New Product from the olive oil company known for producing the finest oils for New Zealand and the world.

Lot Eight Chef Blend Premium Cooking Oil - Loved by chefs since 2012.


LOT EIGHT Limited is excited to bring a new product to the market this year that home cooks will embrace as a kitchen essential. Since 2002, LOT EIGHT has remained committed to the production of oils that enhance the experience of cooks and chefs alike.  

When developing this new product several years ago, our oil maker, Nalini Baruch felt that it had to be a solution for her foodservice customers daily requirements, and from its inception, that is exactly what was achieved. She began experimenting with oil blends to make a cooking oil to use in dishes where extra virgin olive was not suitable.

In 2012, LOT EIGHT Chef Blend was born and quickly established a reputation with chefs throughout New Zealand.  The Chef Blend does not compete with the flavours of other food ingredients in the dish, yet it continues to impart the depth that extra virgin olive oil gives to a dish.  

Today, LOT EIGHT Chef Blend graces the kitchens of 1,2 and 3 Cuisine Hat* restaurants, luxury lodges, and flavour conscious eateries ranging from European to Japanese cuisine, and more.  The Chef Blend meets the requirements of all these cuisines for a clean, subtle oil and the oil maker also uses it in her own Indian and non- Indian cooking.

After six seasons as the mainstay in many restaurant kitchens, we now bring the LOT EIGHT Chef Blend Premium Cooking Oil to the home kitchen. The quantities of extra virgin olive oil in the blend sets it apart from many other cooking oils and provide that necessary clean taste.  The careful addition of olive and vegetable oils help increase the smoke point, making it ideal for pan or wok frying, roasting and grilling. It is equally at home in the creation of sauces and mayonnaise; in other words, it is a perfect start for the perfect finish, a perfect foundation for cooking a dish. This has made it a perfect partner with the other oils we make at Lot Eight. 

As with all LOT EIGHT products, we are committed to clean, fresh flavours and proud to add this versatile, quality product to our range of finishing oils available to our on-line and retail customers 

*Cuisine Good Food Awards.

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Matt Calder